Open Source Solutions


Open Source Solutions have come a long way from the once-upon-a-time image of risk-prone, futile and cheap solutions and emerged into globally-acclaimed and ‘in-demand’ strategies. Open Source solutions impact business to a great extent owing to their continued evolution as easy-to-deploy, readily-available tools for customers.

Our mature and strategic Open Source customization initiatives provide end-to-end Open Source Solutions to meet your enterprise needs. Our solutions tone-down IT complexity and help you cut-down your eBusiness expenditure through a diverse range of open source solutions packages.


We provide open source customization for Magneto, WordPress,  OS Commerce sites, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Typo 3 etc

  • Cost of outsourcing to us will be much lower than the onsite companies.
  • Open Source solutions Consulting
  • Web 3.0 standard web applications/portals
  • Architecting open sources
  • Integrating, implementing & managing initiatives