iphone ipad app development

iphone ipad app development

We offers end-to-end iphone and ipad app development – from the Concept Development of the App to listing of the app at App Store , Marketing & Promotion.

From Concept to Listing at App Store

At SRG, we start iPhone App Development in a organized and structured way. We work closly with the clients right from beginning. We coordinate with them through the Concept of the app and the workability/feasibility of creating an app as required by the clients.

Our Development started with research and analysis on the scope of the app, its competition, domain,brand equity and target market.

The second phase of the app development would be to check the viability of available technology and operational feasibility of the application.

The Third phase is marketing of iphone/ipad/ipod apps, which is as important as the app itself and its one of the major area that needs to be concentrated to sustain the growth of the application after its launch. We will have the competitive advantage over other app developers as we have been in the app development right from the launch of app store.