Table Zombies

An augmented reality game for iPhone / Android that brings the zombies to your table. Bring the fight to the table.

Table Zombies is an augmented reality game developed by us, where the player play the role of shooter from the chopper from the rescue team. the primary objective of the game is to stop the zombies from reaching the survivor base and you are not all alone, you have the survivors team to back you up at Ground Zero and stop the zombie infestation.

All you got to do is download the pdf from the below given link, print it (preferably A3)out and place it in your desktop, the game level will pop right on top of it.

Click Here for Table Zombies Marker PDF

The game has 15+ levels that happens in 5 different environment. The zombies will be from every direction and everywhere.

Our Table Zombies Augmented Reality Game available on google play store.

welcome to your zombie infested desk, now is the time to clean them up, you have every possible artilleries at your disposal ranging from pistol to bazooka and occasionally you will grab special powers from the zombies when they drop dead.

Download our Table Zombies Augmented Reality Game also listed at Apple store.


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