Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a future of branding and, advertising with your target audience. An outstanding feature of the augmented reality is that it blurs the line of real and 3d world and make the users experience virtual reality. The medium can be a smart phone, tablet, HUD or wearable glasses, where the users install the app to their device, which lets them interact with the digital content or virtual world.

Apart from using Iphone /android/windows as medium we also specialize in custom Augmented Reality hardware. Our AR hardware is very innovative and custom built based on the requirement, and will bring the immersive product or service experience to the customers. We can provide an custom campaigning for larger areas, or a Kiosk for shops and malls etc.

AR Video could be a single point of attraction in any large venues where the 3d animation and real time live feed is integrated in a way that users would not be able to differentiate the real and the 3d world and the best part is that camera feed will be projected on a large screen so as the catch the entire attention of people around and it would be an effective way to engage with your target customers

We custom build our Augmented Reality to clients requirement.

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Our Augmented Reality expertise

  • Branding solutions for ads and demonstration of your products on iPhone/Android/iPad with the help of interactive 3D Augmented Reality.
  • Development of unique solutions based on our technologies and groundwork in the field of 3D Augmented Reality for promotion of brands, products, services.
  • Official Qualcomm partner
  • App development
  • Development of complex 3D models, animation and interactive solutions;
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production

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